Sunday, February 24, 2019

{Five Years of Forever}

Tonight we celebrated FIVE years of having our sweet little Panda in our arms!  I never would have imagined five years ago that she'd have come so far and overcome so much by this time.  Being handed the tiniest little baby girl with zero tone and zero language at nearly 17 months old, I could not have dreamt this.  She is determined and resilient and tenacious and blows us away each day.  She has been recently been undergoing some testing to better help her learn and understand her mind more...and when I saw some of the results, I said to her "AG, you know this.  Why did you not answer these for the lady?"  To which she replied, "Cause I not want to!"  She's also got manipulation down to a T and uses her adorable-ness to her advantage.  We are so thankful the Lord gave us you, push us to trust Jesus more and laugh at the same time and we are forever grateful that we got you!

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