Wednesday, August 01, 2018

{July in iPhone Photos}

Lots of SUMMER happening in this month's purge of iPhone photos...July could be my favorite month of the year for that very reason.  :)

This will be the summer that we found a skunk in the pool.  Yep, a skunk.  Scott was so thankful he was already dead and didn't spray! 

A snowball to celebrate 3 months together!

This doesn't happen often BUT AG dressed herself and we let her go out just like she wanted!  She LOVED it! 

LOTS of homemade pickles!!!

Quite hesitant to see how AJ would do with the sand and the waves...she LOVED it!  Oh how the beach vacation would have been different if she didn't.  Eekkk!  She found paradise at the ocean, too!

Discovering tide pools! 

One of our little walks in search of seashells.  :)

A shrimp washed up!

Naps at the beach are the BEST!

We regularly had some friends join us for the marathon bike rides.  

We didn't frequent the pool area often {something about communal pools just give me the heebie-jeebie's} but when we did the view was quite lovely!

Bear wanted a photo with us before S & I headed out for an afternoon coffee date. 

Back home and back to making some baskets for our heart babies!

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