Thursday, May 31, 2018

{May in iPhone Photos}

What a fun, crazy, busy month full of learning what life is going to look like with another little one around!  We are still cocooning a good bit...but going out in little bursts at a time.  AJ isn't a fan of big crowds so church isn't on the radar just yet...besides putting her in a classroom setting with someone else meeting her needs is just not a good idea anyways.  But, she enjoys a brief outing to the ballpark or Costco...and loves being outside at home.  One major thing that we've had going on this month is putting in a POOL!  We surprised the kids with a pool a couple of weeks ago!  We had one at our old home and LOVED it...and had planned last summer on putting one in here but then our sweet surprise adoption put those plans on hold.  We had told the kids that since we expected to come out of pocket quite substantially this adoption that the pool would be at least another year away.  But, God provided nearly 80% of our adoption costs through our fundraisers, grants and precious friends that just gave generously so our savings wasn't hit quite as hard as we anticipated.  We are so excited about having this opportunity to spend more quality time together (we are very much home bodies here) and use it to serve our friends and family!

In the midst of getting over jet lag and building a pool, we wrapped up our school year with a few final weeks we had left once we got home.  I'll be posting about that next!  Here's to the summer!!!

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