Saturday, March 31, 2018

{Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch}

Last year we took full advantage of our front field of dreams & began the tradition with friends and family of an Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch...complete with the kids {& adults, this year} reading The Easter Story.

So much on our plates this year meant that the brunch portion wasn't quite as fabulous as last year but I'm also learning to embrace letting others know when I've just got too much on my plate...and this year is one of those times!  Wyatt also experienced his first migraine headache the day before so once he was someone settled & S was home, I darted out to finally get a few things for their baskets.  Also, grocery shopping for 40 wasn't just going to happen!  So,  thankfully I already had some easy treats stashed from an earlier run to Costco & just went with that.  A sweet friend gave me the idea and those attending were more than understanding.  It was perfect!

As always, the kids could care less about an egg & sausage casserole and much preferred the candy that was found in the eggs! :)

So thankful for family & friends who are family as well to share this special time with...the biggest blessing for sure!

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