Wednesday, February 28, 2018

{February in iPhone Pics}

Someone saw a submarine on TV the night before and just knew she had seen it somewhere else!  She woke up first thing this morning to find it! :) Smarty pants!

These two are never far apart!

For a few days, she woke up and packed for China every single morning!  She even put clothes in her little suitcase and had her babies ready to go!

The girls' room! I kept thinking the entire time we were building how I just knew we'd have another little one and had no idea how we would fit two beds in the smallest room in the house.  Somehow we managed!  

The sun rising is the best!!!

Luke has been my helper for many of my trips to get paperwork approved and sent off!  We were sorta tired of going to this office though! :)

She has quite the little imagination in the tub!  Her mermaid does some very impressive diving tricks!

Solar Systems x 2!

This one loves to dress himself and you never know what he'll come down in each morning!

Thankfully Bear remembered that we had the old umbrella stroller in the shed (I bought this when Wyatt was a baby so it's been around!).  The littles wiped it down well for me and then AG practiced driving it around everywhere!!! I think she's going to be quite the helper!

Lots of unseasonably warm days this month meant we spent a lot of time outdoors!

Mommy & Panda ice cream date on the porch!

Someone found the chocolate that I set out for guests...

Oh my!!!

I think we have found a sport they all enjoy...and can actually do together! Archery!

And, we celebrated 4 years of AG rocking our world!

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