Saturday, February 24, 2018

{4 Years of Forever, Panda Princess!}

Today we celebrated FOUR years since our Panda Princess was placed in our arms on the other side of the world!  That stale civil affairs office would make anyone cringe but AG was so brave and just trusted us...with hesitation, of course.  She didn't cry but figured out that putting herself to sleep was a good way to shut out this massive trauma that had just occurred in her little world.  So, she bravely came to me and took it all in and was napping within an hour.  Thankfully, we knew that this was totally normal...although very "gotcha day" is very much like a kidnapping for our babies.  She was taken from everything she had ever known...and although it may seem a horrible place to was all she knew.  It's fascinating how the brain remembers that trauma.  We have quickly picked up on a few times of the year where AG will be a bit more difficult...and this day is one of them.  She seems to have had a harder few days earlier in the week and seemed to be back to herself by we took off to the ball field {where else???} for a double header for Bubba!

AG played with her sweet friend {whom we've known for quite a while & used to do a homeschool co-op with their family} and stenciled and ate skittles.  She played in the sand and built a rock wall, too.  After our beautiful low-key day at the park, we enjoyed dinner together at a little local dive nearby...where the boys were quite excited to meet {once again} Mack Brock who was there for a family birthday dinner.  He just released his first solo single worship song and it's SO good!  Scott was so impressed with his humility and sincere kindness.  So that was a fun surprise, too!

I can hardly believe it's already been 4 whole years since we first met you, Sissy!  You truly changed our lives forever & we are so thankful God gave us you!  You teach me more about myself than you'll ever know & keep me dependent on the One who loved you first.  So thankful for your gentle spirit and absolutely hysterical have bloomed where He's planted you, darling & we are the lucky ones who get a front row seat!!!

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