Monday, December 25, 2017


We wrapped up the rest of our Christmas at Grandaddy & Mimi's house.  We ate and the kids played and eventually we got to gifts.  It was an easy, laid back afternoon and I hardly remembered to grab my camera before we were done.  :)

Since this blog is my children's scrapbook, I still try to make a good effort to document the big well as a few of the smaller ones for them to have forever.  I print it out into a book form each year and they love pouring back over the photos & stories throughout the years.  But, I do find myself wanting to savor and truly be in the moment rather than clicking away so much...which is quite nice!

We decided as a family to do fewer gifts this year for the sake of retirement & adoption expenses.  But, it's incredible to me the immense blessing that you receive from focusing on seems that the gift giving was much more intentional and everyone was more in tune to truly thinking about who they were giving to.  

AG has really wanted a trampoline since we had to get rid of her big one a couple years ago...when we learned about her needing brain surgery.  Her surgeon immediately told me that she would never be cleared to jump on a big trampoline or ride a roller coaster or do gymnastics.  She's such a patient and understanding little one when it comes to some of those things.  But, much to my surprise, her surgeon happily agreed in November after her MRI that she can indeed get a small/individual trampoline as long as it has a handle...just no jumping off of it or wild tricks.  He encouraged it for her low tone and to help with her reflexes.  I knew just what to tell Grandaddy to get her!  AND she was thrilled!!!  So thankful for simple treats like these!

The boys also saved up and purchased sweet gifts for Grandaddy, too.  Mostly fishing bait!  :)  They spend a lot of time with him on the boat out on the lake making sweet memories.  I'm so thankful they are so close!  My Grandma Lottie was my best friend in so many ways so it's extra special to see them have such a beautiful bond with Grandaddy.  

The sweetest gift was rocking my precious niece, Jayne, to sleep...proving that I haven't lost my touch yet!  But, as soon as she dozed off, my hubby was chomping at the bit to hold her.  He didn't move for a good two hours either.  I'd catch glimpses of him with a baby girl {with a big bow in her hair courtesy of AG's handmedowns} and be sure I was getting a glimpse of Heaven.  I've always thought I'd be holding and rocking Annabelle for Eternity but he may fight me for her! ;)

Christmas is a special time...and slowing down to truly take in these days is the best.  Oh my, how time is oldest 13 already...may I always be as thoughtful & intentional to savor the moment like I did today...

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