Tuesday, November 14, 2017

{Journey to Ailee James: Overwhelmed}

This post is quite appropriately named.  Overwhelmed is about the only word that I know that comes close to where my mind and heart are these days.

Overwhelmed with paperwork is probably at the top of my list.  My three ring binder is growing by the minute and swelling like my tummy has in the past during my first three pregnancies.  ha!  Isn't it amazing how some of that not so enjoyable stuff with pregnancy pretty much disappears as soon as your new baby is in your arms...and you somehow forget the pain.  Well, I pretty much feel like I'm experiencing the pain again...and, just for kicks, pulled out AG's adoption binder to remind myself that I can do this and it'll all work itself out...only to realize that that sucker was much bigger than I remembered it being!

There's training that's nonstop and forms that are unending.  Getting this notarized and that certified and then all of it authenticated.  And I didn't do half of that with our last agency because it was included in their fees.  Yes, I can pay to have it done but money is flying fast (in less than a month, we are already nearly $12,000 out of pocket) and anything that I can do myself to save a dime is worth it this go round!

And then there's the bright side of being overwhelmed...by your response and support and downright amazingness that we've seen displayed in the last week since announcing our littlest bundle.

A dear friend texted to tell me that an impressive amount of her real estate commission will be donated to make our daughter one less.  Overwhelmed.

Another friend has an incredible fundraiser in the works for our travel expenses...which right now only entails two adults and Ailee James.  (Taking our boys was amazing with AG but I'm just not sure we can wing that again...and, then they start brainstorming themselves as to how they can raise money to go.  Because, gracious me, they want to be in that "Labor & Delivery Room" on the other side of the world, too.)

And still another friend has already committed to have our girl as the beneficiary of a consignment sale she holds annually.

Yes, overwhelmed.

And, then meeting online a sweet momma who adopted a little girl from AJ's orphanage just two days ago and that got new photos for us....oh, friends, now that's putting the wind back in my sails! Little Bit was not in a crib and had a cracker in her hands.  Two things that we take for granted here but that are huge to see in an orphanage.  And, that we never saw with our Grace girl.

So here we are holding on tightly to whatever God is about to do and trusting that He's going to make a way.

First, we need an army of prayer warriors.  We know that the enemy is against this and we know the only way to fight him is with our prayers.  My kids have heard me audibly cast him away and out multiple times the past week...and I know it will continue.  He hates seeing the fatherless find their families and he will do anything to stop us.  Please join forces in prayer against the prince of darkness and for God's light to shine in this broken, redemption story.

Also, if you are led, we are already raising funds for our next agency fee and immigration charges through our AdoptTogether page.  Combined with what we have already had due, we will be near $20,000 in about 2 months time from first saying yes.  Since our social worker is pretty much amazing, she's about to finish the whole shebang in a month (fyi...this took nearly 3 months before).  We are shocked at how quickly things are moving and, to be completely honest, it scares us, too.  With AG, we had nearly 10 months start to finish to raise all we needed to complete her adoption.  I don't have a given timeframe...and won't until we see how the timing plays out on a few specifics...but it's moving faster already.  And, having matched with her first, there are more fees due up front to hold her file until we can get her.

Friends, we know that God will provide.  We can't not believe it when we look back over His faithfulness in our lives.  He is a good, good Father and this battle is His.  I constantly find myself having to focus on that...or else I'm overwhelmed and not in a good way.  Thank you for sharing in this story He is writing...and, if you have any ideas for fundraising send them my way! :)

If there's anything that I believe in, it's that children belong in families.  Soon, sweet girl, soon...

Is she not delicious?!?!?!  Oh my gracious!!!


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Elaine said...

Oh, my, Rebecca! She is just adorable! That precious face! Please know we are praying continuously for everything, health, speed, of process, money!!!! And ideas to raise it! And every time I am in our church, I put you in our prayer book, so all of us are praying for you! Love you so much!!!πŸ’—πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’—πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’—πŸ™πŸΌ

Leggio said...

Hey girl!!!! I’m excited blogging so I can keep up with your journey. Are you still selling shirts? I would love to get one. So exciting. I’m of IG right now but I’m blogging still πŸ˜‰