Thursday, November 09, 2017

{Journey to Ailee James: Grasping the Gospel}

Overwhelmed is the only word I know...although it doesn't even come remotely describing the response we have had since sharing our exciting new addition on Sunday evening.  I've read some of the kindest things ever about us, our family, this calling and all I can do is feel so unworthy.  It's as though I'm reading about someone else.  Because, the truth is, I am so not an amazing person and our family is pretty boring at times.  Actually, I'd prefer to be boring.  There's a beauty in that simplicity.  Maybe one day God will let me settle for boring.  ;)  Recently, we've had a couple home study visits and trying to describe myself to our social worker is definitely not coming close to the things you have said.  I'm hard on myself and wish I were more disciplined and struggle to be social most days.  I've got a long list of regrets and mistakes and it is only because of Jesus that I am here.  He wrecked my life 10 years ago and brought me to a humility that I never knew existed...and, as much as I wish I could change some parts for sure, I am thankful.  Yes.  Thankful.  Because, over these years, I've slowly learned to see myself the way my Redeemer sees chosen and cherished and adopted and made new.  But, there's also an awakening to what truly was required for my new identity.

There's a cost to this calling.

For Jesus,  His cost was His life.  And when I compare anything that I do to what He's done for me...well, there's just no comparison.

So, when He says to go and do and's because He has already gone and done and is.

The price has already been paid.  All He wants of us is to trust Him and walk in obedience...because we never truly mature as a Believer unless we take steps of progress into deeper waters, right?

So we say "yes"...with arms open to Heaven expectant of what He will do and how He will make a way.

The Truth is that so many never pursue adoption because it is downright costly.  There are big dollar signs that satisfy agency fees and immigration requests and orphanage donations and the fact that someone has to go to the complete opposite side of this World and that's crazy expensive, too.  For years, money stopped us from adopting Andie-Grace.  Then, one afternoon, Scott came home in tears and shared how God had literally called him out as he was driving that day and told him to trust that this burden would be shared and lifted and carried together.

"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."  Galatians 6:2

And so we watched The Body rally together to bring our Panda girl home nearly 4 years ago...every single penny provided for because you shared this calling with us and were obedient, too.

And here we are again...with a mountain in front of us that we are praying will be thrown into the midst of the sea by His people coming together and making a way for a child who has no other way.

We have already set up an AdoptTogether link {that cute picture to the right with the kids will link you there} where you or anyone you know, businesses, etc who would like to give with a tax exempt benefit may give.

We are boasting in Christ from the beginning...because His hand is certainly ALL over this sweet girl's story...and our worship of what He has done and will do will be the weapon we use to defeat anything that stands against us.

Grasping the Gospel is grasping that there is nothing that we can do apart from Christ at work within us.  Whether it's a simple daily task or making the orphan a son or daughter.  We give because He has given to us.  We adopt because we are the adopted ones.

Friends, it is with total humility that I ask you to join this journey with partner and redeem and, eventually, rejoice over the life He has ransomed.

The cost is high but He is higher...and this sweet baby girl is worth it.

*As promised, an update is coming soon about Ailee James {pronounced eye-lee}.  I'm hoping to get more photos early next week as another family gets their daughter from the same orphanage and meets ours! But, in a nutshell, she's 18 months old and in an area near Beijing.  From her videos, she's a hoot!  She's feisty and busy and loves that's good since it's pretty loud around here.  :)  We have lots of paperwork to make our way through to get to her, but God is moving mountains already. Thank you for celebrating and supporting us...and this giant step of obedience.  May He receive all the Glory!*

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