Wednesday, August 30, 2017

{Welcoming Jayne!}

My sister is learning early that girls have all their own plans and agendas!  Jayne Ashlee was supposed to be due around the middle of September but spiked her mama's blood pressure a bit and came early!  She is every bit of perfection at 5 lbs and 14 ounces...and 18.25 inches tiny.  We got to keep the new big brother for THE day and take him later {once mama and baby were settled into a room} to the hospital to meet his new little sister.

My sister told me that as soon as she got settled into her room from recovery, a big butterfly flew right by her window {on the 3rd floor}!  She said our daddy looked over and said "Annabelle!"  :)  It was also a bit interesting to me that she happens to be in room 327...a number that wrecked my life and taught me what true surrender to Jesus looks like...the day He made my Belle whole.  I've come to see that I often spot it on the clock or on the miles left to the tank or anywhere a number of redemption and the promise that He will indeed make all things new one day in Glory.  So, I thought it quite fitting she "just happened" to be in that room.  Another God wink for sure!

Jayne is just the sweetest little doll!  She reminds me both Bubba & Annabelle as newborns very much...she has the little dent in her chin like them {and my sister and I have} and something about her face shape and her dark blue eyes just pull at my heartstrings.  I know she'll change as she grows but seeing a little touch of two of her cousins is a sweet gift! {Bub & Belle were literally twins as newborns.  Just 2 pounds apart in size as big brother came out over 9 pounds.  But literally identical. God knew my heart couldn't handle it with Bear at that time and made him all his own little way!}

We are so thankful for a healthy baby and mama!  And getting a front row seat in watching her grow is such a gift!  I guess Panda better start sharing some bows!!!!

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