Thursday, August 31, 2017

{August in iPhone Photos}

We began August with our annual trip to the geneticist.  Quite a way to start the week after a beautiful week beforehand at the beach! 

My Littles are typically the first to wake...specifically Bear.  They can almost always find me on the back porch meeting with Jesus and love to snuggle for a moment while they are still waking up.  I treasure these moments.

The kids and I had fun playing with a few of the filters on Instagram.  :). Panda did a video of the fairy princess filter and was so sweet saying "Oh Wow!!!" 

Any little one on one time we can manage, we take!  Bear assisted me at the grocery store for a quick run this evening to grab a few things.  He is such a great helper!

Lots of card playing in this home!  Bear adjusted his favorite game of Uno to help little sissy play...just matching colors!  

We also spent a couple mornings in the auto repair shop...which can be a bit much at times but they made a game out of the checkerboard flooring and definitely entertained themselves...but only after we had read LOTS of books! 

S amazes me so much!  He wakes usually before 5 am to go to work and works at least 10-12 hours most days.  Then, he comes home and pours into our children.  Most evenings, they are outside playing a little ball of some sort or wresting in the den or working together on something fun!  Our children are so blessed to have him as their Daddy.  He embraces his role and leads us so well.

Bubba gave Bear all of his rainbow loom gear and this sweet boy has spent many hours creating the best bracelets and necklaces and even a keychain (for me!).  He has such a giving spirit.

We don't visit Belle's special place every week like we did for started to seem like something that we had to do instead of something that we wanted to do.  But, we still visit quite often and those moments are so sacred to us.  The kids have such joy in that space that is often filled with such sadness.  In their childlike faith, they just don't understand why we should be so sad when our sweet baby girl is now so happy in the presence of Jesus.  I love their joy and it's given us beautiful and happy memories there.  This particular afternoon we played in the grassy area nearby and listened to old hymns.  It was just lovely.

Sissy had to have some camo for her brother's birthday party!  She helped me pick out her shirt online that was on clearance for less than $4!!!  Major deal and she's a major cutie pie!

The kids all decided to have a spend the night party in Bubba's room!  There were lots of laughs and giggles! 

Snuggling on the sofa in the morning with the Birthday Boy!

Bear requested a family date to get snowballs!  So we happily obliged!

More Total Eclipse photos from my phone! 

Panda has gotten so into dresses lately...which I adore!  She always must know if it twirls and how much.  According to her, the dress is all about the twirl effect! 

I love my early morning time on the treadmill...lots of worship going on!  But, a couple mornings before this Bubba had told me that I sounded like I was "dying in there".  I then asked him why he didn't come check on me! ;). My Love left me a note the next morning to enjoy my run...and affirmed that I don't really sound like I'm dying.  Ha!

Mornings over Mercy Meadow...

Getting a little golf/PE break in during our school day!

Panda is trying so hard to give up her beloved naps...but sometimes she doesn't make it.  I love this sweet girl!

And, once again, just a date for the two of us girls and she's out before we get to the coffee shop! ;). 

Ready for the first football game...and the first day of dove hunting!

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