Tuesday, August 22, 2017

{Back to "HOME" School!}

Today we began our 2017-2018 year of school!  It is our 9th year homeschooling!  So hard to believe that we've been at it this long already and that I have an 8th grader {who is very much mostly in 9th grade courses}, a 2nd grader and a 4 year old who thinks that she's in 2nd grade as well.  ;)

From the beginning, we have never committed to the entirety of this process but just one year at a time...and, if I'm being honest, mostly just one day at a time.  Last year, God really changed the direction of our homeschool by scheduling AG's brain surgery on the first week of classes at the local homeschool/private school option the boys had been attending.  It was lovely to have someone else introduce and really do the bulk of the teaching for all new material and then me implement the "homework" the other three days.  It worked well for our family for that season...especially as we were navigating so many unknowns with AG's medical needs and therapies once coming home.  But, I am SO glad God worked it out the way He did.  We just knew that between surgery and school, it was just too much for our already sensitive boys to send them on and decided to exclusively homeschool...with a little help from the local homeschool resource center.  Yes, things were crazy as we built our home and recovered from a major medical procedure but, in the midst of that, I took back the power to teach my children.  It was if God had given them back to me in that process.  Of course the demands were much more but it was now up to me to truly choose curriculum that suited my children's individual needs and structure our life around the best learning style for all of us.  Even given the opportunity to place my boys in a similar schooling situation this year much like we'd done in the past, God continued to give me peace in keeping them home full-time so that is exactly what we are doing!

Just to establish a routine similar to what I wanted daily and to freshen up on some skills, we continued half day schooling through all of July.  It was so nice to get ahead a little and try out a few things to see what our natural routine was turning out to be.  It was close to what I had hoped and worked out so well this morning {although this is only day 1}.  ;)  The beauty in homeschooling is the gift to adapt and change as needed though...so there's always room for improvement!

For our curriculum, I chose some of it based off what we have done in the past that worked well and then added in a few things to help strengthen some subjects as well.  Bubba will receive some tutoring in algebra as I am NOT a math minded mama!  Bear watches video streaming of additional phonics/language/penmanship to go along with the curriculum that we've used for both boys in the younger grades.  And, Panda watches right along and participates as though it's her class, too!

We are still able to teach two subjects together, too!  Obviously, Bubba has more work along with his and additional testing but it's so nice to begin our day together studying God's Word and history.  For those, I use Apologia and The Story of the World.  {Bub also has additional high school geography but this history is a good foundation and doesn't take too much time so it's a part of his schooling also!}. We do this with breakfast as most of it is reading aloud with some journaling.

Each day is a stretching of myself and my dependence on God...and being obedient to what He has chosen for our family.  And it's really hard most days.  But, I couldn't be more thankful and joyful and honored that He's given this to us.   May He go before each day and may everything I need be found in Him alone!

Our school room...the morning sunlight shines right in those big windows!

Our 1st morning breakfast!  I'd prefer to make the kids sausage and eggs but these gluten free blueberry muffins are a treat for them...typically reserved for Sunday morning.  So, they were very happy to see them sitting there!

Panda has her own coloring book to keep her busy that goes along with our Bible story for the day.  :)

Bear sitting down is a miracle!  Most of the time, he prefers to stand while doing his work.  Bubba had made his way to the island to do his school work quietly at this point.  That's typical, too!  

Watching his phonics video...and I guess I can go ahead and erase the "Summer" stuff off the white board! ;)

These two!  :)  Hard to believe that one year ago today she was having brain surgery.  She's come so far!  It's incredible to see her even trying to do this! So so so thankful.

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Debbie Sauer said...

It's nice to see how much they love her. She is going to grow up adoring her big brothers. Blessings