Wednesday, August 23, 2017

{1st Day...on the 2nd Day...Photos!}

I printed out the cute little freebie "First Day" signs over two weeks ago and just remembered that we had them this morning...after our 1st day of homeschool post.  Thankfully, the kids are all good sports and entertained the idea of photos again today.  :)

I didn't print a sign for Little Miss but she's every bit of 4 years old! ;) Developmentally we are closer to 3 so she's doing lots of manipulatives for numbers and letters/sounds/recognition.  I'll probably start 4K with her next year but for now she's really enjoying Bear's 2nd grade lessons, too.  :)

How can it be?!?!  Bub is now just inches taller than me but I'm guessing that won't quite be the case by the end of this year.  He's a diligent student and leader for the littles.  And I'm so thankful he loves this journey as much as me!  I always leave other options open to listen to my children's hearts too but he loves being home...and, selfishly, I love that he wants to continue, too!  He steps up often and is our resident chef for breakfast...making us sausage pretty regularly and crisping up the edges just like we enjoy! This year, he is studying Geography, Algebra & Physical Science to name a few.  It's quite a busy year but it'll give him a good start heading into high school.  And, he's ready for it!  Always studying hard and applying himself well...and always this next step is quite natural for him.  We couldn't be more proud!

First things first, Bear wanted to make sure his legos were in his photo.  ;)  He is such a hard worker and keeps me busy as this stage really does require so much... so we decided to supplement a couple of his subjects with online instruction via ABeka Academy.  I have used ABeka since K5 with both boys and LOVE it's foundation in phonics and reading.  It's such a blessing to have this resource, too. He is enjoying watching classes for all his language arts/writing and Bible.  It also frees me up to be working more one on one with Bub who is taking 4 high school courses this year.  So, while Bear {& Panda} are watching a few lessons, I work with Bub on the more intense subjects that require more from me.  Then, we do the seat work together!  Bear is studying Astronomy this year, too.  Which made for a pretty cool time to have experienced the total eclipse two days ago! 

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