Friday, April 07, 2017

{The Great Egg Hunt}

The Great Egg Hunt that's not much of a "hunt".  ;)

The kids always enjoy the overload on sugar {cotton candy & snowcones} that come with this event our church puts on.  It's a great outreach opportunity and so good to see so many there! 

Thankfully, there was basketball and a train.  AG can never do bounce houses or horseback riding or roller coasters {to name a few} due to her chiari & now lack of having a portion of her skull at the base of her brain.  So, the gazillion bounce houses were totally off limits but we are already learning to focus on what she CAN do instead of what she can't.  So, lots of train encouragement and then she saw Batman.  Girlfriend LOVES her a superhero.  So, even now she'll say that the best part was Batman.  {I'll remember that.} 

The boys played basketball nonstop and came by briefly to let me take a photo and for Bear to grab a few eggs.  Also, our sweet JJ was there and he and AG enjoyed running away from me trying to get a photo of them together.  ;)  

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