Monday, April 03, 2017

{Bear at Bat}

It's busy at the ballpark these days...trying to watch my boys on the field and chase around the ever-playing 4 year old baby sister.  So, my good camera doesn't make it out to the field as often as it used to!  I have to take advantage of when I have it and make sure to get a few shots of my boys...who check the blog more often than anyone else and are always asking me when I am going to update it.  ;) 

Bear is definitely in his element on the ballfield, too!  He's probably got it worse than his daddy or his bubba...wanting to get dressed in full uniform by lunch time the day of and having his clothes all laid out and shoes polished by breakfast.  He doesn't care much what he wears on a day to day basis and I love watching his creativity take over when it comes to his daily attire but when it comes to ball, this kid matches every single bit of his practice gear perfectly...and may steal his brother's hat occasionally if he doesn't have one that is just right.  :)  It's such a joy watching him learn and enjoy the game of baseball, too.  So much I learned the first time around that make it so much more enjoyable this time...and so much less stressful!  Bear is a natural athlete but something changes with the little ones and you are able to truly laugh and not get all caught up in winning.  It's so much fun!!!  And, quite fitting, that it's with this little bringer of Light!

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