Thursday, March 09, 2017

{The Littles}

These two little unexpected, unplanned babies are forever my "littles"...with Bear being my rainbow baby after losing Belle, we dubbed him the "little" with Belle being our forever "middle"...and then God up and told us to go to the other side of the globe for our daughter...and, thus, another "little". 

Oh these two have their moments but they truly are the best of friends.  A bond that has been fought for over the past three years...with Bear not entirely sure he wanted to be kicked out of the baby position, it's come with it's ups and seeing these moments holds more than words for my heart. 

A quiet few hours while Bubba is headed to an away game night and Dad with him...these two basked in the afternoon sunlight playing as they usually do.  I blasted some worship music and sipped hot tea while I gave thanks for all He has done in and through these two babes...taking me to places in myself that I didn't know possible and deepening my dependence on Him through them. 

These little moments with the "littles"...are blessings I am intentionally slowing down to see and cherish.

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