Saturday, March 11, 2017

{Bear's Baseball Debut}

Opening day with my Bear holding it together at 1st base {seems like yesterday I was in this same place with his big brother}.  The opening day game was really just an inning after team photos and an opportunity to showcase each team.  Bear batted 3rd in the lineup and hit the first pitch hard towards right field.  Playing in the front field with his brother each afternoon at home definitely has it's advantages on the real ball field...where it's obvious he is used to playing with the big boys! ;)  Although, he did come over as the inning was starting and he was reporting to 1st to ask me for sunflower seeds {yep, big brother has taught him that, too!}...and then gave a strong thumbs up to Grandaddy from 3rd base just before he scored.  Too precious for words!!! 

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