Wednesday, October 26, 2016

{Panda Princess is FOUR!}

Oh Andie-Grace...Today we celebrate BIG the absolute miracle you are and give thanks for the selfless, brave woman who loved you first & gave you life this day. I am forever grateful she did. 💗 You are the sweetest, sassiest, most unexpected dollbaby we never knew we needed. God put us together as the best plan B for both of us...knowing fully the healing we both would experience. It's not easy but it's worth, my darling girl, are worth more than rubies and loved more than the stars in the sky. May this year be the best yet! officially celebrate on THE day...we had a sweet little party at home complete with homemade cards {courtesy of Bear}, a few gifts of some of your favorites that are sure to be loved well and cupcakes with sprinkles you selected yourself!  I had made the cupcakes while you were napping and asked, once you woke up, if you wanted snowflake sprinkles on top... to which you adamantly opposed and said "hearts"...and sure enough there were heart sprinkles in the basket that I had totally forgotten about but you clearly had not.  So, heart sprinkles it was!  {and I couldn't have been more touched and wondered a bit if you heard a whisper from Heaven sharing that request...}

Your brother may have blown out the candles and you may have been a bit, we lit them again for JUST you to blow out! :)

Bear spent nearly an hour scraping off old stickers from this police care you love to play with of his...and gave it to you.  It was so sweet and you just adore it!

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