Wednesday, October 19, 2016

{Mercy Meadow: Rough-In Done!}

"I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the POWER of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes."
Romans 1:16

It's been busy at our house lately with lots of different things needing to get done one after the other so that we can meet the next county approval...before DRYWALL!!!

So, the plumbers, HVAC guys, electricians and insulators have all been busy getting their rough-ins done the last few weeks.  They wrapped up today and tomorrow we have inspection to begin putting some walls up first of next week.

We ran into an issue with a few of our special order windows {they were ordered incorrectly the first time and we didn't know it until they came in 6 inches too long- yep, the builder is eating that one!}, we've been waiting on them to be remade in Virginia and make their way back to us.  Thankfully, they will be installed the end of this week so that everything is in place by Monday when the drywall guys come.

Checking and double checking and then checking again on every single little thing is just too much sometimes!  I'm such a detail oriented person that I'm going over the tiniest things and it's been, as much as it is easy to get caught up in this process...I am being more intentional with being thankful for this opportunity.  I just want it to be perfect for everything God has planned here though!  Lots of big picture perspective here...knowing that He will {and always does anyway} work all things together for good for His purpose...regardless of where the plugs are placed and how high the sconces are and if the recessed light is a few inches off.  ;)

It's truly a GIFT to be able to build this home and we are so incredibly thankful...and humbled.  After over a year of pulling down our little dirt road, I still get an overwhelming feeling of peace and gratitude.  I pray that never changes...and am thankful that, even in the midst of building, it hasn't yet!

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