Wednesday, August 24, 2016

{Post-op Day 2}

Remember that echo I requested before surgery???

Her VSD {hole in her heart} is GONE...oh, and that pulmonary stenosis?  Yep, it's completely disappeared as well!

And with that, she hopped onto her feet for the first time in two days and took to shopping her perfect little heart out!  {in the Atrium, of course!}

I stand amazed.

The exact same cardiologist that had to break the news to me that Annabelle had developed ventricular tachycardia in this hallway with me met us on the way to the playroom to share this redeeming, restoring act of God with us today.

He makes all things new.

She also managed to pull her backup IV out playing so hard and went to all meds by mouth today!  She hasn't had much of an appetite but downed some Chickfila waffle fries and crispy bacon.  So, it's really true...bacon always DOES make things better! :)

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