Tuesday, August 23, 2016

{Moved to the Floor}

That moment when your daughter {from the other side of the world, totally unplanned but born out of obedience to His calling & firmly grafted in my heart} graduates to the step down unit and ends up in the room right next door to the room her big sister spent weeks...where some of our sweetest moments were spent...where I've not been able to go near out of the sacredness held in that space.  Right. Next. Door.  9 years later to the very day we learned our first baby girl was fearfully and wonderfully made with half her heart.  No longer a pediatric cardiology unit...different and yet so similar.  And here we are...not by coincidence...making new, God-breathed moments once again.  Y'all, God writes the best stories.  And He is making all things new...not replaced but restored...not destroyed but Divine.

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