Saturday, August 08, 2015

{A Bunch of Monkeys!}

Somedays I feel like I'm raising a ZOO!  Anyone else?!?!?  :)

We were thrilled to get to spend the morning at the local zoo with friends near and a little further away.  The local family we went with is actually in process to adopt the sweet little boy that was being hosted by our other friends and their family!  They have known each other since their firstborns were in playgroup together nearly 16 years ago.  And, now, three adoptions later they are hosting a little boy to help him find his family...and it turned out to be the family they knew years ago!   It's so neat to see how God is orchestrating this precious child's story!  It's the most adorable thing to witness him beginning to get to know and meet his family....and share moments together here to give him a glimpse of what's to come!  Please join our family in praying for Noah's paperwork to fly through and for him to be home soon!!!

  Somebody REALLY loves penguins!  She thought they were chasing her and she ran back and forth over and over and over squealing with delight! :)

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