Friday, July 24, 2015

{A Fun Trip to Grandma's!}

My Papa recently passed so it's becoming more and more important how special these impromptu day trips to visit Grandma Lottie truly are...and I'm thankful that I forced myself to stop chatting for a few moments to document in photos these moments!  Grandma has been cleaning out a little and found some glasses she purchased years ago that were a new treasure to her so she was trying them all on and Andie-Grace just had to try them herself, too! :)  The boys were in awe {and perhaps a bit of shock} over a Barbie doll they found that was from 1966.  And, Grandaddy tagged along with us and kept the little princess perfectly pleased with doing whatever she wished! ;)  After we left, Luke commented on how pretty Grandma's clothes were {she was heading to the beauty shop after we left!} and how pretty she looked.  These are moments to treasure forever!


The Price Family said...

She is a beautiful lady!

Mike & Malynda said...

Your Grandma is an beautiful! Those are so precious memories & pictures!!