Friday, May 22, 2015


     A full 7 days of paradise...sitting on the seashore in Seabrook watching the kids play in the sand and surf.  We were blessed to have friends there to share part of the trip, too!  We mostly spent our days being lazy and split between the beach and the seaside pool.  We also spent a morning at Angel Oak...which was a first time experience for Andie-Grace, Luke and myself.  The weather was perfect, the rest was so needed and the children only had a few meltdowns...mostly due to pure exhaustion from long days playing in the sand. So thankful for a new family tradition where our spirits rest on an island that forces you to relax and be together.  Building memories for our children in the place where we have always felt closest to the little one who isn't physically with us.  It was perfection.

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Anonymous said...

Great photographs. You've come a long way with your photography.