Monday, August 11, 2014

1st Day of School {5th, 4K & Cray-Cray}

Today was our first day of our homeschool school year!  Wyatt is beginning 5th grade, Luke is in 4K & Andie-Grace is in the middle of it all! It's been a while since I homeschooled with an active toddler in the house!  AG wasn't quite as feisty as she is now when we were finishing up the end of last spring.  Thank goodness for co-ops and naptime!

We began our day with our Bible Story at breakfast...followed by our prayer time and journaling. Wyatt writes in his "Talk to Me" journal each day & I write him a note back each evening.  Luke has a Thankful Journal this year where he names something he is thankful for each morning and then draws a little picture.  Today, he is thankful for Heaven.!

The kids ate cinnamon rolls {a treat around here} while I was working on my second cup of coffee! :)

After we wrapped up our early morning routine, we clean up the table and head downstairs for core classroom time.  I'm trying something new with Luke this year. He has four drawers each day to work is writing, one is phonics, one is math and the last one is just fun!  Today he traced his name and then matched the sticker to each letter.  For phonics, he had to match the uppercase letters.  The number 3 was our number for the day so I had a simple worksheet for him as well as some Styrofoam noodles that he had to lace onto pipe cleaners in sets of three.  His fun drawer was matching colors and painting with water.  I've got lots of sensory type things for the fun drawer, too! Each day is a color so that Luke knows each day which color drawers he is working on...Monday is RED!  Once he finished his drawers, he had playtime...where he promptly wanted to get on the bike and peddle like his daddy. 

Wyatt hasn't begun his co-op yet {next week} so we just were working on math today.  It makes the first week of school much more enjoyable when you only have one subject!

I also printed out some fun freebie printable first day of school sheets for the boys.

AG has some sensory boxes and enjoyed scooping "ice cream" this morning! She also built towers and played a matching games with farm animals.  She's quite a busy body these days! 

To end our school day, we blasted some worship music and danced! least what that means to us...for Wyatt it's leading worship standing on the table, Luke break dances on the floor and Miss Priss immediately starts either cutting flips or raising her hand in praise! 

Wyatt caught a sweet moment between my baby girl and me in the midst of it all that I just love.  {Well, minus the red grading pencil and #2 sticking out of my head!} It captures what this homeschooling journey is to our family...a bit of chaos with the most precious moments scattered in between.

Here's to another school year filled with learning, laughter, lots of patience & abundant love!

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Kim said...

That is so sweet! I am just reading this. It was so so nice seeing all of you last week! I do have a question…You mentioned a "Talk to Me" journal after bible reading. Zachary (7 ½, 2nd grade) is not a big fan of journaling. What is your concept? I loved that you said you write back to him everyday too. :) I'd love to hear from someone who's further along on this journey. Thanks!