Saturday, July 19, 2014

{Zoo Day!}

We love having a wonderful zoo so close to home!  We keep a family membership and try to drop by at least once a month or so...especially once school is back in session and our little homeschool family and get in and out without a crowd!

We decided it was too cloudy to swim the other morning and made a quick trip with my sister.  Her sweet baby boy is due in just a few months so it's time she gets used to making the rounds at the zoo, too!  She'll be pushing him around there before she knows it!

Andie-Grace has already been at least twice before now but I think this is the first time that I remembered to bring my camera and try to take a few pictures.  I'm so used to just snapping a quick pic with my phone that I hardly carry around my big one any more. 

We made it in and out in just over an hour and managed most all of the exhibits.  There's also a great ropes course and carousel and playground but it was a bit too busy for those this time!  We spent more than our fair share of time surrounded by reptiles and furry mammals.  :)  A morning well spent!  Plus, the best part was that the sun was shining when we got home so we could swim again!!!


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