Tuesday, June 24, 2014

{4 Months in Our Arms}

Instead of doing the obligatory gotcha day anniversary photo session with Miss Priss, I thought I'd upload a few of the hundreds of photos I take with my phone that shows a little more of real life around here. 
Andie-Grace's 4th month has consisted of lots!!!  We are swimming almost daily {which she LOVES}, celebrated my birthday and Father's Day {both pretty low key} and had our church's Vacation Bible School last week.  We only have one more big event planned for the summer of which I am OVER the moon excited about...but, other than that, we are hanging out a lot at home and loving it! 
Andie-Grace can now:
~wear a size 3 diaper
~wear a size 4 shoe although I still have one pair of 3s that I can make work
~say mama, yes, no, more, bye, all {as in all done} and several other sounds of which we have no clue
~signs all the time!  She loves using ASL as her go to language skill to get her point across {so thankful she has those signs!}
~dance like no one's business!  She's got the cutest little booty shake.  :)
~eat solid foods and absolutely anything she can get her little hands on...she is NOT picky!
~demands her bow immediately following getting dressed each morning...girlfriend knows how to complete "the look"
~ throw a fit like a true drama queen.  She's very, very strong willed and does not like when things aren't going her way.  {I know this is going to serve her well one day but it's tough right now!}
~sleep like a champ!  She averages 12 hours at night going to bed around 7 and takes at least a 2 hour nap each day. 

We are taking one day at time as she still gets overstimulated quite easily and she spends a lot of time in the ergo close to her momma!  We tried going into nursery again last week with me staying with her and she was fine until another little girl wanted my attention.  Then it was bad.  We spent the rest of the day in fits, tantrums, hitting me, angry, hoarding food, you name it.  So, I guess it'll be a while before that happens still.  I'm so wanting to sit down and enjoy a sermon again {although she did sleep through worship two weeks ago and it was BLISS!} but I KNOW that her attachment is so far more important right now and I will do whatever it takes to get that firm foundation! So thankful for all the training we had to prepare us for this.  It still doesn't really touch the surface when you are in the thick of it but it has definitely helped with our understanding of what's going on in her little mind. 
God is stirring a lot in my heart and mind these days...as we both grow to attach to each other more and more.  I'm so thankful to know Jesus and to have Him intercede when words fail me...this precious gift...this journey of adoption is incredible in so many ways.  When He gives me the words, I will share them.
For now, I am reveling in the sugar and spice baby girl that I can now call mine!
4 months of forever, sweet girl...

My little bathing beauty!  She loves to eat her afternoon/after nap snack by the pool! Then, it's time to play! :)


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures of your family. Pure happiness shines in each one! You can tell she is growing and changing with each post update.
Jennifer Waldrop

Dena said...

that is a little slice of preciousness for sure! Happy 4 months for sure!