Saturday, February 01, 2014

{surgery day}

Six years ago today, we waited for nearly 10 hours while Annabelle's heart was reconstructed and rerouted to give her a chance to live.  Today will always be the day that the Lord gave her amazing surgeon the ability to bless us with 7 more weeks and 5 more days with her here on Earth.  Eternally thankful...
And, I may be a little biased but I do believe she was the most beautiful baby post-op ever!


Sue said...

She is beautiful

Unknown said...

She was indeed the most beautiful post op baby I've ever seen too. And it's not just cause of those precious bows adorning her brain wave monitor. Oh how adored this little princess was by every doctor, nurse and family in the unit!

Walking these memories out with you day by day these weeks that we treasure in our hearts and minds forever.

Love you Rebecca! What a remarkable mommy Annabelle has!!!