Thursday, January 30, 2014

{Snow Day}


A snow day in the South is rare so we make the most of it!  Making snow angels before breakfast, snowflake pancakes shortly thereafter followed by two huge batches of snow ice cream and many more trips in and out of the door {with more snow covered clothes and boots than I care to clean} and my boys are happy!!!

The goal this year was to win the snowball fight{s} and see who could roll around in the powdery white stuff and have the most stick to themselves.  Wyatt won.  A lot!

In the downtime, I stayed warm inside packing for Southern Ch!na where it’s sunny and 78 today!  Short sleeves are in the suitcase and I may just throw in some flip flops for my southern soul! 

But, my beautiful boys relished in this beloved snow day and, just for them, I did, too!

IMG_4805 IMG_4862 IMG_4866 IMG_4901 IMG_4919

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Sue said...

Beautiful and bright pictures. We had 6 1/2 inches of snow today, but we are use to it.
Working on the album. Should have it in the mail next week. very excited to follow you meeting your daughter