Monday, February 10, 2014

{moves like jagger}

The first time I laid eyes on our soon to be fourth gift from God, I knew she was the child He had planned all along.  Actually, I knew before I ever saw her face.  Her file, every perfect detail of it, He weaved together with sweet hints that she was ours. 

And, then we had a video {3 actually} that our in-country director had been able to obtain to see our little love in action.

Wouldn’t you know that the first video that they shared of our girl was her rocking out to some jammin’ tunes?!?!  {Ever been around our boys???  Bring your earplugs!}

If I didn’t already love her to the moon and back, I most certainly did after seeing this video! 

I still go back and watch these precious moments over and over some days.  They are the only glimpses we have of her in realtime…and we hang on to every little tiny movement she makes. 

Thought you’d enjoy seeing our Andie-Grace in action!

{The password is “butcher1” and just tilt your head to the side. ;)  Orphanage nannies aren’t professional videographers but they did their best and I’ll take anything I can get!}

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