Sunday, February 23, 2014

{Countdown to Grace}

It's early on Monday morning...the day we've waited for since first seeing our beautiful daughter's face on Friday morning, October 25th.  We have a little less than 7 hours away from leaving our hotel to travel a short drive away to the Civil Affairs office where we will finally lay eyes on the child the Lord has given us.  I've been busy putting together gifts of South Carolina lanyards, deodorant, Altoid mints and body lotion in shiny red bags this morning to give the orphanage officials.  We've got a crib decked out in pink at the foot of our bed and a pink basket in the den full of toys.  Her first little sleeper has been laid on the railing of the crib perfectly adorned with hot pink butterflies and a matching bow.  I finished packing her "Gotcha Day" bag...diapers, wipes, a few little toys, an empty bottle, puffs and a soft lovey blanket. 
Yesterday we went to the local supermarket to gather the last items we needed to prepare for Andie-Grace's arrival this afternoon.  Our first experience in a Chinese store went quite well.  Our guide, thankfully, was there to help us navigate the very confusing waters of how to buy an item here...some things you are free to put in your cart and walk around the store with until purchasing and others you have to get a receipt from the attendant on that aisle, go pay for it and then return to pick it up.  Very confusing!  I do have to admit though that I have never seen such help in a supermarket...and I shop at Publix!  There was at least one attendant per aisle just ready to sell you something!
This entire trip has been so surreal.  I'm sure jet lag has had something to do with it... thank goodness I am not responsible for cleaning or cooking right now!  I'd surely pour Clorox in a pot to boil!  But, today is here and we have an undeniable peace that this is so right...straight from the Hand of God...beautifully orchestrated for such a time as this.
Thank you for journeying along with us...our next post will be later today {sometime early on Monday morning for y'all} capturing all that this glorious Gotcha Day has in store! 








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Tasha said...

Rebecca, you are such a beautiful writer. Thank you for sharing your heart through this journey. We are continuing to pray without ceasing for your family.