Thursday, December 05, 2013


In this crazy hurry up and wait adoption world, I’ve been blessed to meet the most amazing Christian women.  One of those just happened to be adopting a little girl from the same orphanage as ours. 

A little back story…since AG’s orphanage is so small {relatively…there are about 200 children there}, I searched the web for anything I could find out about it.  I ended up joining a private group of parents that have adopted from there and learned after introducing myself that another mom was just about to travel to get her daughter!  God’s perfect timing once again!

She graciously offered to try her best to get some new photos for me…and ended up being able to feed, video and pray over our sweet baby girl.  She told me that she was quiet and somber but just soaks up every bit of attention.  She knows that our boys will be wrapped around her little finger in no time flat!  She also was able to share with me that she’s very attentive and lovely.  She felt like she was healthy, too…despite a little cold.  AND, she was able to share with me that she has teeth and would just munch away on the little rice cracker they gave her!  {Finding out that she has teeth was huge for this momma who wants to know it all!!!} Waking up today to these photos has been the greatest blessing for my longing heart…






God speed the day when her big brown eyes are full of JOY!

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