Thursday, November 07, 2013

{For my baby girl…}


Sweetest little love~

It’s been almost two weeks since the Lord revealed your precious face to us.  I have spent hours upon hours watching your videos over and over trying to memorize every little feature you possess…from your curly toes to your pooching upper lip to your chubby cheeks to the slightest bit of joy I can see on your face when you army crawl after a little ball.  Mommy hasn’t seen you smile yet…and my heart longs to watch your face light up.  I know you are loved.  I have no certainty over your immediate care but have no doubt that Jesus’ hands hold you when you sleep.  I pray that He gives you comfort where there is none and fills your heart with hope.  Has He shared a song with you yet?  I have been singing “Amazing Grace” to your big brother each night and praying that somehow those words find their way to you.  You are no longer lost, my dear.  You have been found.

Your birth mother has already given me gift after gift as we piece together your past.  I know one day you will ask about her and I cannot wait to share with you just how loved you are by both of us. I have perfect peace in knowing that she left you to be found.  She risked her own life to leave you in the safest place possible.  She dressed you in the nicest clothes she owned and bundled you up in a color showing the world just how loved you are…she was so proud of you.  I have prayed diligently that I would have a story to share with you one day that would give you peace…that would leave you without a doubt that you were never unwanted.  She has given that to us, love.  And…your orphanage director has saved those pieces so that when we go to bring you home, we can bring that sacred, special part of your past home with us, too.

In these two weeks, you’ve become ours in so many ways.  Your perfect little place in our family is ready and waiting. Your brothers are already arguing over who will protect you best.  Wyatt assures me daily that he can hold you in one arm if ever my arms get tired and your Luke has already informed me that Bubba will be moving to the back of the car and you, sweet girl, will be sitting by him.   Your daddy is certain that you will spend many naptimes in his arms and on his chest…and I, for one, cannot wait to see that his reality.  Your sister is showering you with love in the most unexpected ways…God is revealing, through her precious life,  that you have always been a part of His plan for our family.  And…well, my cup runneth over. 

Our Lord is redeeming.  He is redeeming your life, my child.  He is redeeming our family.  He is redeeming our losses.  He is redeeming our grief.  He is redeeming the past.  He is redeeming our future. He is redeeming hope.  He is redeeming joy.  He is redeeming grace.  And He reveals each step of the way that He can and will bring beauty from the ashes.

My daughter, you are on the edge of glorious.  Our broken hallelujahs have been heard from both ends of the earth and our deepest prayers are being answered.  God, your Father, is moving mountains to bring you home.  I pray you know the love that He has and that we have for you…and that you know, somewhere in the depths of your soul, that we are coming for you.  You have been chosen…set apart…and loved from the start.

You are no longer lost, sweet baby girl.  You have been found.

I love you forever~Mommy

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Evie's Story said...

Oh Rebecca….beautifully beautifully written. What an amazing GRACE STORY for Grace! Your beautiful broken hallelujahs have indeed been a sweet offering to the Lord and He takes great delight in you!!

Ginger said...

L.O.V.E. It!!! I check daily for updates on your youngest daughter. I cannot wait till you get her in your arms. Our God is an awesome God. Andie-Grace is proof!!

Mike & Malynda said...

Simply perfect! One day she'll read this with tears of joy! Love you guys!

Auntie Mip said...

I am a stranger to you. Brought here after your beautiful Annabelle died. I have prayed for your family.

I look forward to the pictures of your little darling a year from now. When she has been home and loved and nurtured. when she knows and lives joy. When there is life in her beautiful eyes and not sorrow.

That smile will reveal the full measure of her understanding of the love of her parents, brothers, sister and a gracious Father.

Laura Groen said...

Love you my friend. You have such a gift with words. Praying for you guys.

Unknown said...

I love you sweet little pea.....Aunt JC

groovy mama said...

Hey fidnt know how to contact u but i got the blog post from a pin on pinterest, there was no credit to give when i clicked i gigured it was ok to share dince it in pinterest;)