Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{new favorite}


The boys have really taken a liking to their baby sister’s room.  It’s slowly coming together bit by bit…all thanks to generous friends and lots of do-it-ourselves projects.  I love that every portion of her room has a story behind it…whether it be the crib that all four of my babies will have shared…a lovely painting given by another adoptive momma who shared the most beautiful story behind it with me…or the new to her toy basket still adorned with tulle and “it’s  a girl” ribbon from her big sister’s baby shower nearly six years ago.  Her space is taking shape and, the more it does, the more I realize just how right this has always been.  As each detail seamlessly falls into place, I can see the hand of God at work…through these moments and so many others.

The boys love spending time in her room.  It’s a loved space.  Although, she is half way around the globe and we’ve yet to lay eyes on her beautiful face, we can sense her there. 

I love walking through the house and stumbling upon Luke rummaging through her trinkets or Wyatt cozied up on her little stool reading by the window.  I long for the day when I walk by and see her in there with them…

But for now, I’m embracing it as their new favorite space…until…in God’s perfect timing… it becomes hers.

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