Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Luke’s Locks}

After months of Luke saying here and there that he was wanted his hair cut, this past Tuesday I took him.  He had been even more asking to go over the past weekend and Monday he kept saying “Me get my hair tut ‘morrow”.  So, Tuesday morning it was planned.  {Probably not the best timing as Scott had to be out of town for work Tuesday overnight and all day Wednesday.  But, thankfully I’ve somehow held it together.}

We went up to a little salon in town where a couple of friends had mentioned taking their kids.  I figured it’s probably best that I don’t know this person anyways.  ;)  She did a great job with him and cut his hair like the pictures that I had taken in.  I was hoping for a little surfer boy cut but didn’t realize just how much volume and curl he has in his hair {and how incredibly thick it is!}.  So, the cut isn’t exactly what I had in mind but it’s starting to grow on me a little.  The pictures have little boys with stick straight hair…Luke’s is the complete opposite.  If  there was ever any doubt at all, this hair cut solidified the fact that he’s me made over…hair and all.

Hopefully, in the next week I’ll like it a little more.  He’s just ok with it I think.  He goes back and forth between liking it and not.  In all honesty, I think he was disappointed that there weren’t clippers involved like his big bubba and daddy get.  But, I’m definitely not ready for that just yet!  This is a good transition though. 

Ok…enough of my rambling on…pictures to document another bittersweet milestone…

IMG_4620 IMG_4627 IMG_4630 IMG_4639 IMG_4643 IMG_4659 IMG_4662 IMG_4668 IMG_4672 IMG_4679 IMG_4701 IMG_4706 IMG_4726

*And those five beautiful braids are all going to make a wig for one lucky little kiddo!   There’s the silver lining in this one for sure! :)