Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{Bound to Happen}

Having two boys, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I just didn’t expect it quite this “sooner”.  Let me back up a bit first…

Wyatt’s been getting into guitar this past year and just recently was given his first electric guitar courtesy of my sister and her fiance.  {Honestly, I thought it was an awesome gift!  Loud…but awesome!}  The amp gets a bit noisy for our little home and with Wyatt’s room being centrally located, the entire house was rocking when he was practicing.  Which led to me asking if he was ready to move downstairs {as we always knew he’d eventually do anyways}.  Promises were made something to the tune of  “you can play as loud as you want” and “I’ll make you a little sitting area for your upcoming nightly concerts where your daddy and I can be your captive audience”.  He ran with it…so fast that within minutes he was trying to move everything himself.

It took some {a ton of} work though to even get the downstairs bedroom ready.  First, we had to clean out space in Scott’s office building for two rooms just for the Annabelle Baskets and get all of that moved over.  I have to admit I was not crazy about that idea but it’s perfect!  I finally have two designated rooms for the baskets only!  I love the way it worked out.  It’s so well organized and I have a great workspace for assembling them now. 

Then, we started getting Wyatt’s furniture moved and wouldn’t you know that as soon as big brother started hauling his stuff downstairs…little brother did, too. 

Yep…what was supposed to be moving one turned into moving both.  I knew it would happen…it was bound to…a bedroom for the both of them!


Since I used most of Wyatt’s stuff for Luke as a baby, their colors and decor work perfectly together.  Gotta love that!  They even have a little sofa and rocking chair for concerts…or reading…or extra pillows for a pillow fight! ;)


Luke’s got his little bed on the bottom bunk…complete with fifteen million stuffed animals…


Both of them have plenty of space to showcase their special things…


And Wyatt can play this as much as his little heart desires…


On their first night together in their “new” room, Scott and I overheard Wyatt on the monitor reading to Luke.  The boys love to read by flashlight after we put them to bed…and I thought it was the sweetest thing for Bubba to read aloud to Bear {who normally just makes up stories about the pictures he’s looking at in his little books}.

And since there was now an empty room upstairs…I began allowing my heart to dream a little and start preparing Andie-Grace’s nursery.  The furniture {dresser, bookcase & nightstand} was a total God send from friends of ours…complete with bows.  :)  I’m going very shabby chic…lots of white & pale pink. Something that I hope she can grow up and still love when she’s a little older.  I’m still a far, far way from being close to done but it’s healing to slowly walk down the little girl aisles again and find sweet little items for our fourth love’s room.  Here’s just a little glimpse….

IMG_3264 IMG_3265  IMG_3268 IMG_3269 IMG_3272 IMG_3274

Isn’t it just darling?!?!?  My cup overflows!

*Just a little update on our adoption…we have our last home study appointment in two days!  Piece by piece God is weaving this tapestry together.  He is faithful.  He is gracious.  He is true.

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