Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Charleston Christmas

As has been the tradition for the last three years, we loaded up lots of goodies and plenty more Annabelle Baskets and made our way to MUSC just before Christmas.  In the past two years we’ve gone on Christmas Eve, but with Christmas falling on Sunday Scott had an extra day off of work so we went a day earlier this year…which was lovely since we could spend all day in our favorite city! 

Our first stop (after the Chick-fil-a drive thru) was a spot Scott had found on one of his many travels.  He’s my back roads guy and finds the neatest spots that way.  We decided to take the boys to this special location first so they could run around a bit before our visit to the hospital.  And, once again God showed His perfect timing by sending a sweet little butterfly just as we were getting out of the van…welcoming us back to our baby girl’s city.  It played with the boys for a minute before saying hello to me on the way back towards the Harbor. 

After making our special deliveries, we headed to The Battery…another tradition.  I love seeing the homes decorated for Christmas and there are some precious memories there for us.  I never imagined nearly four years ago when CNN was interviewing us on a bench there that we would be returning without Annabelle year after year doing something in her name…in her memory.  Watching my boys run and play and climb on the Civil War canons…it seems so right somehow.  Right for now, at least….

As difficult as every Christmas has been since 2008 and will be from here until we meet again, this tradition brings her closer.  It’s what she wants us to do.  It’s what I know she loves watching.

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Evie's Story said...

Beautiful photos of your beautiful family my dear! So glad for this special tradition to bring you closer to your precious girl in a city we all love!

Shannon said...

What precious memories of a bittersweet tradition. I love that HE sends you those perfect little gifts right when you need them. I'm sure your girl's smile is enormous watching her family play and celebrate her life.

Love the photos!