Thursday, June 09, 2011

Top Ten Lessons Learned from Wyatt’s All-Star Scrimmage Last Night

10. An unfair, favorites playing Coach can make for a miserable birthday for Mommy…especially when your son is not their favorite.

9.  Mommy will always be more emotional than Daddy and be frustrated by his not over-reacting like I do.

8. It is best to sit and stay in the outfield territory so I can’t hear said Coach.

7.  It is even better to not watch the game at all and just chase baby brother around aimlessly.

6.  Perhaps viewing this time as simply outdoor play time for baby brother would be the best approach of all… even when it is past bedtime and he is in full meltdown mode!

5. Mommy quits, packs up and heads home when she has had enough.  Daddy doesn’t. 

4.  Daddy quits, packs up and heads home after the game with big brother but only after he has a few words at the appropriate time and place with unfair, favorites playing Coach.

3. Mommy would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.  Then again, maybe not…see #9. 

2.  Big brother comes home and teaches us all a lesson…”Even though I didn’t play much, it’s still all about having fun.” 

1.  And, as long as he is having fun and enjoying it (even if it’s sitting the bench), I will happily sit in the outfield for playtime with baby brother trying my best to be completely oblivious to you know who and most likely quoting scripture the entire time! ;)

**Written as a future reference.**


Tracie said...

Way to go Wyatt!!! So glad that he still had a good time! Sorry you didn't have such a great time. Being a Mommy with kids in sports can be a hard job!! Love your #1!

LindaG said...

As his playing career progresses you will learn many more lessons. After hearing some teenagers from Sunday School comment on my reaction to a pitiful referee at a basketball game (they thought it was cool) I had to reevaluate my behavior at sporting events. Your attitude will go a long way in helping Wyatt keep his fantastic attitude! Love you!

aimee said...

Thanks for this today. My son had a coach who didn't think very highly of him either, and it has tarnished the way he feels about coaches now. It was heartbreaking as a parent to not see your child play. I'm not confrontational at all, so I've never said anything to that coach, but my son sure remembers. Fortunately, we've had some very good coaches since then, so that particular coach is a distant memory and a lesson learned!

Anonymous said...

as a baseball loving girl..I can understand completely, and I 100% know I would be the same way if it was Graham instead of Wyatt. Love, Bryna

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
It is so hard to be an athlete's mom sometime. I have been in your same position far more times than I wish. It almost happens on a yearly basis. I have not found a solution. Once I complained to the league head and guess what????? Now my butt is on the board for the league. My sole purpose for that is to keep coaches like that out. Good luck!!
At least our sons can teach us a few lessons. That it's not about the win, or being's about being on the team. As long as they have fun and want to be there, we have to bite our tongue and hold back our own tears.
Love ya!
Alison (Suzie's friend in MI)


Just read this and I so feel every word! Unfortunately it does not get easier. Baseball is definitely political and subjective and our job as mommies is to make sure our boys are having fun , staying hydrated and have a pocketful of gum! As the competitive person that I am, it is so difficult to keep emotions under control, but it is definitely best for our boys when we do! Love to you all, G