Friday, June 10, 2011


We had a blast hosting Wyatt’s baseball team’s end of the season party last weekend.  Once again, they were the Season Champs!!!  15-2 makes for a very fun season!  Wyatt moved up as starting pitcher all season and on occasion was moved to first base.  He loved every minute of it.  I love seeing him in his element!

I didn’t do near as much in decor for this party (and actually forgot to take pictures of some of it…shame on me!).  We had a simple pizza party with yummy cookies made by a friend.  The boys and families had a blast swimming, playing “holy board” & enjoying the beautiful, warm Carolina summer evening.


I ended up using the same printables from Wyatt’s birthday party…just different ones that didn’t get used then.


The pizza table…I used astroturf for the tablecloth. :)  I took zero pictures of the decor once I finished it all so the only pics I have are totally unfinished and bothering me to even post!  But, because I love y’all so much I will share my faults! ;)




Yes, Robin is amazing!  She makes the prettiest and best tasting cookies ever!  The baseballs and gloves were for all of us to enjoy during the party.  The jerseys with their numbers on them were for the boys & coaches to take home.  I also ordered a personalized, engraved Louisville Slugger mini bat for our head coach with his name and the team’s name on it.  Then, I had all the boys sign his bat for a keepsake!



Watching some “holy board”…okay, it’s really like cornhole but my Papa Cole made it for me and he always called it “holy board”.  So, that’s what we call it now.  It was fun seeing the next generation enjoying his old, handmade game so much!


Coach Ed showing the boys their plaque.  He listed out all the players and their numbers on the back with scripture for them.  He has been an awesome coach to Wyatt this season!  It has been a complete blessing to have his influence in our son’s life.   He is NOT the coach & this isn’t the team that I was referring to in the previous post…just FYI! ;)  Wyatt was chosen to be on the All-Star team so now we’re doing that…whew! 


Silly boys!  I gave them one serious, smily shot and then told them to go nuts and here’s what I got! :)  I love how Wyatt and Scott are both doing just about the same thing without even knowing it!  Like Father, like Son!

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