Sunday, May 01, 2011

Baseball Birthday Boy!

I had so much fun planning Wyatt’s 7th birthday party!  Originally, he wanted a football theme which I was okay with but then he changed his mind about a month ago…baseball it was!  I began searching for some printables and going to work immediately.  He put together his guest list at his request and I let the birthday boy have all the say.  (Talk about hard. to. do! )  Scott and I just set the limit to a dozen little boys…goodness, do those spots fill up quickly!  We ended up with all of them being able to make it and it was so much fun! 



I went very traditional with popcorn & Cracker Jacks…and kept the colors very patriotic & classic baseball.


And then I threw in a little something different…rice krispy treat fun balls!  These were a hit!


All the boys got a red, white & blue gumball filled plastic bat with a baseball sweatband on it to take home!  Along with a baseball sucker from another arrangement.



I learned several years back to always have cupcakes in addition to the cake so that the kids can just grab a cupcake and the adults can cut the cake!  :) The equally beautiful & delicious glove cake & baseball cupcakes were made by a good friend of mine, Leigh Ann! YUM!


These are the baseball suckers that the kids got, too.  All of Wyatt’s buddies signed his birthday ball for him to add to his shelf in his room.


Incredible, isn’t it???  Oh so good!


Scott had some games planned for them: longest throw, home run derby, playing the outfield, sunflower seed spitting contest & more.  Once they got good & sweaty, they cooled off and spent the majority of the party time in the pool!  I think my husband was glad for it, too!



And here’s the birthday boy!  He was loving every second of it!

I’d say there are a lot of pool parties in our future!  Wyatt had a ball and I think that everyone will sleep good tonight! ;)

Time to get to work on Little Bear’s party next!  Scott told me about an hour after Wyatt’s party that he thinks I suffer from post-party depression! HA! I do have the most fun throwing a party though! I’ve already got Luke’s theme picked out and can’t wait to start putting it together…so very thankful and so very blessed to celebrate another year with both of my boys!  I asked Jesus this morning to let me feel my daughter a little closer today and He gave us the sweetest gifts & me the most joy in knowing that she was enjoying it, too.   She even got sent all the balloons to keep from the boys fighting over them after the party was over! ;)


Shannon said...

Looks like a great party! :)

The Hardy Family said...

You did such an awesome job!!! It was PERFECT!!!!!!!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! Wyatt looks so darn happy :)

Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

Everything looked perfect!! ( Your a great MOM with so much creativity)

Happy Birthday 7th Birthday to Wyatt!!

Unknown said...

"post party-depression"... ha ha ha!!!! I LOVE it!!! :) SUCH a fun party and everything turned out so, so, so cute!!! I wouldnt expect anything less! :) (and I am seriously coveting your new pool!) :)

Chasity said...

I love the popcorn bags. Where did you find them? I am doing the same theme for my sons 2nd birthday and love your party favors! I have got to get something together for 2 and 3 year old!! :)

Melissa Hern said...

I'm trying to plan my son's 1st birthday party and I'm going with a baseball theme. Where did you find your decorations???