Thursday, April 28, 2011

Impromptu Party

Wyatt is SEVEN years old today!!!  His official, planned party isn’t until this weekend but I can’t just not do anything on his actual birthday.  Since he wasn’t about to leave the pool, Scott picked up some Chic-fil-A on the way home and we added it to the mac & cheese and sweet tea he had asked for as his birthday dinner!  Oh, to be seven again…;)


Don’t worry, Little Bear didn’t stay in much longer.  He was turning a lovely shade of purple around his mouth so we got him out and warmed up quickly!  But he was having so much fun!




His dessert of choice…a chocolate milkshake!  He let his mama have the cherry though! 


Happy 7th Birthday, Bubba!  We are so thankful for the gift you are to our family…for the memories we have of you with your sister, the bond that grows daily between you and your brother, and, mostly, for the character that God has given you through all of it!  We love you more than words~ Mommy & Daddy


Tracie said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt! Have fun at your party this weekend.

The Hardy Family said...

Happy, happy birthday Wyatt!! What a perfect day!!!! It looks like he had a blast!!!

Evie's Story said...

Happy, happy birthday big guy! What a wonderful big brother God has created you to be!

Shannon said...

Happy birthday Wyatt!! :)

The Chavis Family said...

Perfect birthday celebration!!! Love it!