Thursday, March 03, 2011

Shop & Support Annabelle Baskets!

Three years ago today, we brought our angel home!  I was so happy to dress her in her long white gown and embroidered bonnet.  Her sweet little mary janes were finally starting to fit those little piggies, too.  Thankfully, MUSC’s marketing department was there to capture all of it on video.  I love watching those precious moments that I shared with her…amidst Wyatt flying in and out and all around in his Superman cape!  Those sweet little coo’s and grunts…her beautiful face…and her tight grip around my finger. 

Today was the day that I prayed for. 

I had given her back to God while she was still in my womb and I had peace with whatever His Plan would be for her life.  The one thing I asked was that we bring her home.

Today, three years ago, was that answer to prayer.

I could not ever give God enough gratitude & thanks for giving that to me…to us.  Having the memories that we do with her here are some of the most precious thoughts that I will ever have or experience.  I don’t take one second of it for granted.  We all know the legacy that has been born out of her life. 

That being said…a new friend & very talented seamstress has offered to give a portion of her sales to Annabelle Baskets for all of March…in honor of my Annabelle and her precious Taylor.

Retail therapy does this body good! :)  Perfect timing for spring, don’t you think?


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Lindsay Dean said...

Love you! Thinking that Lindsay needs this cute one that you posted! Love it!