Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spring Cleanin’ & Day Dreamin’

Whew!  I’ve gotten through just about every room and closet in this house…sorting & reorganizing.  I’ve got piles to give away, piles to throw away, and piles to yard sale away!  I actually ended up with a few empty rubbermaid containers that my dear hubby will have waiting on him to put in the attic when he gets home.  I can never part with rubbermaid! ;)


I also sat in these little babies for a minute or two enjoying the warm sunshine…dreamin’ of what it will be like to sit in them this summertime with water splashing all around me (hint, hint!).


And, then there was Jake just a watchin’.  Our neighbor’s dog who Wyatt now calls his own.  He does stay here at least 50% of the time so maybe we could say we share custody?  He’s the best pet we’ve never owned. :)



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The Johnson Family said...

Splash Splash I guess I know where I'm spending the summer LOL. These have all been great pictures btw. Loving watching your family live.