Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belle’s Butterfly

A sweet friend had two stained glass butterflies made for me just after Annabelle’s passing.  White with pink centers…perfect for my girl!  I have one hanging on the kitchen window and one in the great room.  Little Bear made his way up to one this afternoon and had the best time playing with his big sister’s butterfly. 






Amazingly, he was careful with it and tried to put it back when he was done!  Somehow, he just knows! ;)


Evie's Story said...

Yes, he does!! Beyond sweet.

Doesnt matter how many times I see that lil munchkin or see photos of him...Oh my word...his EYES!! Truly a window to a precious soul!!

Katie said...

He is precious and you're such a wonderful mama to just watch him play with that butterfly, I'm sure it brought joy and saddness at the same time...but the connection he has with his big sister is special. Thanks for sharing this sweet post. Your photography is just outstanding btw!!! I'm so impressed :)

KC said...

That makes me smile :-)