Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You, CBS!

Today was special! Our Community Bible Study home school children collected items for the Annabelle Baskets for their spring mission project.  Wyatt and I spoke to them just a couple of days before Annabelle’s birthday and today was the collection day.  I got to help in Wyatt’s class and see all the goodies as they were coming in the door!  What a gift!




God is so good!


Evie's Story said...

LOVE seeing the sweet goodies that get tucked into those precious baby baskets!

Lauren said...

This is so amaxing! :) People have the biggest hearts. I've meaning to ask you: I saw that on your blog, you have it set up so nice so that people can click on your Annabelle's Baskets picture, and be brought to the page that tells all about it. I am doing a project in memory of my son, and was wondering how I can do the same concept on my page? Thanks sooo much! I'm not very blog savvy I'm afraid lol. :)