Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Annabelle Christmas Eve Tradition

This year was no exception…we loaded up for the third year in a row on Christmas Eve morning and set out to MUSC to deliver lots of Annabelle Baskets, toys, cookies, gift cards & other goodies to the babies and families that were there.  My heart hurts so deeply for the mothers and fathers spending their baby’s first Christmas bedside in the hospital.  I know that very easily could have been us…and I would give absolutely anything to have had that road rather than the one we’ve been given.  But, it wasn’t part of the plan God had for her or for us…this was His Plan. 

Take a look, friends, at the goodness of God!










You know, when I began Annabelle Baskets I didn’t have a time frame or a certain amount of baskets in mind.  I just committed to doing whatever the Lord led me to do.  He has provided far beyond what I ever could have imagined…and in only 2 and a half short years.  Did y’all know that I have only done one fundraising event specifically to raise money for Annabelle Baskets?  We’ve also sold some girly pink car magnets but that is it.  The Lord knows that I am not a salesperson and He has led so many of you to give time and time again to make this ministry flourish. 

So, when you see these pictures…these gifts…these blessings…they are from you!  The Lord is working through all that you give to touch the hearts and lives of so many!  I am just the lucky one that gets to put it all together and deliver it.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, friends…thank you!


Evie's Story said...

I never cease to be led to tears when seeing the magnitude of a life that has SO DEEPLY impacted and blessed so many! And now to see sweet Luke joining the family traditions and learning the significance of these heart-felt deliveries....precious!!!

My heart grows heavy at this time of year. Remembering with a mixed joy and grief the weighty circumstances that brought our families together.

Love you friend!

Shannon said...

Amazing...that's THE word I have for your sweet girl. Absolutely amazing. I love how she has touched the lives of so many and how she can still be an incredible part of your family. I can only imagine how much she's teaching her brothers.

Blessings, friend!

The Hardy Family said...

Your story and words never cease to amaze me!! Your ministry is beyond words and it has been so neat to see God unfold it all over the last 2 1/2 years!! I know that the 4 of you are such a blessing and a glimmer of hope to each family you come in contact with!!!
Love you!!!

Katie said...

Rebecca, this so amazing. What a fun tradition for your family each Christmas and a blessing to so many, plus a wonderful way to honor your baby girl this time of year.

Those cookies too, you are so talented! Love the boys cute outfits, they're adorable as always. Happy New Year to you all!!!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

Absolutely incredible, friend! I don't even have words adequate enough to express how amazing I think this ministry is... the way you have transformed your grief into giving is so inspirational. And by the looks of it, your efforts have been abundantly blessed! The baskets are gorgeous, the cookies look de vine (did you make those yourself?), and the deliverers are precious (including YOU!). I know you blessed so many families with your story, your generosity, and your eternal hope this Christmas. You look happy and that makes me happy too. Love to you and your precious family... Danielle