Monday, December 27, 2010

St. John’s Double Heart Gate

Scott gave me a beautiful pendant on Annabelle’s birthday of the Double Heart Gate…a historical Charleston gate seen on many paintings and artwork around town (and most recently in Southern Living Magazine).  We have always said that one day we were going to find it.  Christmas Eve we made it to Charleston earlier than expected and had a little bit of time to search out the gate so dear to our hearts.  It was tucked behind a beautiful, old, worn down, stained glass church.  At first, we thought that we were at the wrong place but just behind the church we found it…


W gate shadow


W Chas Scott

W Chas R boys

W chas gate r luke

I think we’ll be returning many, many times.


Mike & Malynda said...

Love this!! So beautiful!! Hugs friend!

The Hardy Family said...

What a beautiful place and a special place for your family to visit!!! Your pictures are so sweet, too!