Monday, August 23, 2010


Three years ago today, I wrote the first post on this blog. 

August 23, 2007

Today our baby girl was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We are a little over 16 weeks pregnant with her. HLHS is a very serious and fatal congenital heart disease. It must be treated at birth. As we visited the pediatric cardiologist (Dr. Shuler), we learned the severity of it. We were given three choices as to our baby's future: 1- heart transplant upon baby's birth 2-3-Stage Surgical prodcedures (first surgery within first week of life, second surgery at 4-6 months of life, and third surgery between 2-4 years old), 3- the option of terminating the pregnancy. We have chosen to carry the child that God has given us and have the 3-Stage Surgical procedures done. We never thought that we would have to make a decision anything like that one. We have been blessed with a healthy 3 year old son and expected this baby to be the same. We are dealing with a wealth of emotions and taking each hour as it comes. We know that the Lord has performed at least one miracle in this type of situation in the past and are asking Him to reveal His power to us by healing our daughter's heart. Prayerfully, the surgeries will not be necessary. Please join us in praying for a miracle in our baby's heart. We return to the pediatric cardiologist in three weeks and will continue updating the blog. We are being carried on the wings of prayer and know our daughter will be healed!

I was supposed to take Luke for his one year well visit today, but it just wouldn’t be right.  Today is her day…the day that we learned just how fragile her life would be with us here on earth. 

I remember today so vividly…from the standard OB visit to the cardiologist fitting us in that afternoon to praying with my family with each of us holding hands in a circle committing her life to His Will. 

Just a few moments ago, I re-read the first post I ever typed for this blog for the first time in years.  My heart is hurting but has immeasurable peace. 

We prayed for a miracle and we got it. 

We prayed that she be healed and she was…perfectly.

We honored His plan for her life and He has been faithful…even when I can’t see through tears and my body shakes with grief.  He is faithful and so, so good.

I’d give my life to have her back in my arms and, thanks to the Cross, she will be.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


Evie's Story said...

Oh friend....again, there are no words. Only a profound love for you and your precious Annabelle!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

I just wish I could give you a hug (hopefully someday, I will!) I know I say it all the time, but I don't know what else to say except that you inspire me with your steadfast faith and dedication to accepting that His will for Annabelle was, and is, perfect. It brings me to tears (literally) to imagine the moment when you and your sweet girl are reunited! I'm praying for you on this special day... I'm so glad you decided to write that post, for if you had not, there would be no blog and I would not have had the privilege of "knowing" you and learning from you!

All my love...

Lindsay Dean said...

She is perfect in every way and even before her passing, she was. He had a plan for her and just look at what that little miracle baby has done! She has taught us things that we never knew about ourselves, about God, and about others. He knew what He was doing by giving her to you and Scott, and someday you will have her in your arms again and we will get to see just how wonderful of a plan that was. Glorious! I really need to hug you right now, friend! Meet half way perhaps ;-) Love you!

The Hoffman Family said...

My heart aches for you and your family. You are always in my thought and prayers. I admire you strength and bravery everyday.
God always has a plan and you will be reunited with your beautiful angel one day. Hug and kisses to all of you.

The Hardy Family said...

I love you, dear friend! My hurts as I read the first post you ever wrote and as I think of the journey you have been through. Thinking of you today and always!!