Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Year Old Things…

Now that Luke is ONE, he’s been trying his little, chubby hand at…








Eating Sonic Blast Oreo Milkshakes! (Praise God he’s not lactose intolerant like we thought he would be.  His dear ole’ Momma has given up dairy for a entire year for him!)


Facing forward in his carseat & finally able to see those movies that his Bubba watches!



Learning to tell time!  Okay, not really…but, apparently Daddy’s watch tastes yummy! (Y’all think Wyatt is tired of me taking his picture?)


And, trying to escape this joint! 

Oh…and I’m pretty sure that he gave me the best birthday present ever for his 1st birthday…he finally slept through the night!!!!!  (Sorry I didn’t get a picture of that one, I was too busy dreaming away!)


Evie's Story said...

YAAAAAaaaay Lukie!!
And how do you get a 1 year old to POSE like that (LOVE the one of him on your lap at Sonic!) I think that posing should rank up there on list of impressive credentials for a toddler!

The Simmons Family said...

Luke... you are SO adorable!! I love every single picture your momma shares... from the red hair to the baby blues. I can't believe you're already one!

aimee said...

Way to go, Luke! Great pictures :-)

RHONDA said...

That is "one" cute lil one year old!! :) Love it!! God is so Good...


Shannon said...

Luke is so, so adorable! I'm jealous that he'll actually look at the camera, much less smile! Ha! :)

Happy walking Luke, you big boy, you!

The Hardy Family said...

What sweet pictures!! I love the ones of you and your boys!! Luke's monkey shirt is precious!! His shoes were so cute this morning and he walked hand in hand with me to the door to get on the bye bye buggy...such a big boy!!! He was the happiest baby in there this morning! :)

Our Family said...

AWESOME! He is getting so big! So happy that he has given you such a blessed year!