Monday, May 31, 2010

This crazy bunch of boys…


are playing in the Championship on Wednesday night!!!!

(Please pray for my nerves!  They pulled out two wins this past week…but won the second game by 1 on Thursday.  This player’s Momma had to start pacing a little!)

In other big, exciting, fun news…Luke has figured out how to move his little wiggly body forward!!!  He scooted around the room last night on his belly using those elbows to get him around!  Of course, he’d only try if a real ball (not baby balls around here, y’all) or remote control was his motivation!  Such a guy! :)  Video soon to follow…(as soon as I figure out how to load the thing!)

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Evie's Story said...

That photo looks like a Normal Rockwell painting! So cute. So boy!
Yes, I hate that we dont have a pretty day for our picnic on the lake. Let me know if you have another day this week. We miss you guys!